Local artists protest war in a weekend art action. In several locations  around Chicago neglected fences and boarded windows were reclaimed for sending a message against war. The pieces were installed as a collaborative action designed to beautify local spaces and stimulate critical
consciousness about war.

Because the work is likely to have a relatively short street life, it is being documented and shown on this website.

Below is the original call to action.




A Call for Action
To artists who want to create protest art against War.

Which War?
The War against Iraq. The War on Drugs. The War on Terrorism. The War for our minds, bodies and
spirit. The War on public education and social services. The War on Us.

The Idea:
Non-permission, plywood panel protest murals and paintings in neighborhoods all over the city (alleys, old fences, boarded windows, advertising spaces, any public space). The murals will get installed on a day of action, documented and collected for publication (on the net and print). We
imagine a newspaper style printing with a map indicating the mural /painting locations and artists' statements against war. We want to post the action details and photos on the net.

The People:
This action will be most successful if a lot of artists or artist teams all over the city contribute in different
neighborhoods. We have studio space and some supplies for production. Who is invited? Anyone with an idea and the drive to create a painting/ panel/installation against war.

The Inspiration:
Millions marching for peace all over the globe, direct action, Love, those wonderful muralists from the 70's (80's and 90's) whose art was activism, creative resistance and adding beauty to the world when it needs it most.

The Process:
There is urgency to the timing of this project. Let's act quickly. We will meet at 6:30 Tuesday, March 11
for a brainstorming session and planning meeting. We will look at some slides, develop ideas, and
prepare for the workshop and production meeting. On Saturday March 15th we will meet for a
production and studio workshop. We will have plywood panels, tools, projectors and paint. Artists will
bring drawings and plans for execution. Well work together as a team and you can take unfinished
panels home to finish before the installation date, tentatively set for March 22nd.

The next step:
Come to the meeting on Tuesday, March 11. Bring an idea. Bring a friend.
Look around your neighborhood, find sites for beautification or meaningfication?
Look for spaces that cry out for public art interventions.

 for public art interventions.


contact:  artstrikechicago.