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a few dreamers, friends and fellow travelers

Rob Moriarty of nerdtronica studios, postfixE, and LeMonster new art website

postfix E - and  these are both sites where we publish our music and share experiences. in case you didn't know.

LeMonster - Some of our oldest friends and ourselves band. We take full years off of from this project, who knows what'll happen. Buy the album.

Art Strike Chicago  -   yeah, artstrike. 

Amanu Kaiju - our Friend and collaborator. He is amazing with words and also has a band named Bad Wolff. 

David Rovics  -  you should listen to david rovics everyday. kiss behind the barricade.

Lee Wells -  IFAC Our friend Lee, check out his paintings, photos, new media and other stuff.

jim page - jim's music is amazing, he also helped legalize street singing in seattle during the 1970's. listen to his music.

inclination magazine - our friends Lissy and Cola run a music magazine.

Chris Silva  -  our friend. art. love. murals. music. stuff. panties.

beehive collective  -  they're the coolest too.  see them live before you die from GMO's or the FTAA. 

LUMPEN  -  Lumpen magazine from Chicago has been super supportive. thanks Ed.

The Co-Prosperity Sphere - an experimental cultural center.

Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar - Artisanal Beverages and Craft Beers in Bridgeport. They have a wicked selection of beer.  Yum!   dlsr, oh yeah.

Just Seeds  -   beautiful prints and stuff like that.

mindbomb - is a collaborative of film, video and graphic artists creating altered national television advertisements that comment upon the American condition.

Skidmark Bob -

Radio 4 All  -    there are a bunch of other cool shows at the radio4all site, just use the browse button and check out the latest info. - our music is on a few radio shows by this dude named skidmark bob from free radio Santa Cruz.  his show is called PoP dEFECT radio. here are the exact addresses for the shows we're on, if you are interested.

IDIOTS RULE (the war continues)

Pink Bloque  -  they were the coolest. The Pink Bloque (2001-2005) was a Chicago-based radical feminist dance troupe

Resist War  -    "I will resist war, I will not be seduced by hate"

indymedia - and  this is a great resource for news whether local, national, or planetwide

adbusters  -  culture jamming.